Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Simple Japanese Words and Phrases- First Lesson

Simple words to get started

If you think learning Japanese is hard then read on. When learning a new language, it can be difficult to know where to begin.

That being said, a good place to start accumulating knowledge is the same place you would start a conversation- at "hello". The Japanese people are largely concerned with proper form and structure as a culture, and that's reflected here with the importance of using a different word for hello depending on the time of day. Think of these as "Good Morning," "Good Afternoon," and "Good Evening."

Good Morning- "Ohayou gozaimasu"

Good Afternoon- "Konnichiwa"

Good Evening- "Konbanwa"

These phrases will definitely get the conversation rolling, and they're good trivia. Note that the "gozaimasu" part of good morning is usually dropped. But make sure to use it when speaking to a superior!

Next update soon, thanks for visiting my blog on simple Japanese words and phrases.

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